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Why Hire Us

  • Why Hire Us?We use a specifically designed process when we evaluate each and every account, and follow a rigorous process that only a seasoned Waste Management Professional can accomplish and it typically takes 60-120 days of focused effort to complete.
  • We commit our in-house and field trained resources to gather data regarding: waste stream makeup, service agreements, equipment and pricing. Pricing is one of many steps in this process, but usually comes later after the analysis is complete.
  • We compile and compute the data to design the most cost-effective waste management program to handle your service needs.
  • We present savings recommendations to you along with a break down of expected savings for review and approval.
  • We perform all implementation of changes and improvements with your approval of our recommendations.
  • We monitor the plan to ensure expected savings hit your bottom line each month.
  • We provide a breakdown of the expected savings results on your monthly invoice which also computes the share in savings. If no savings are achieved there is no Fee.
  • After our analysis is complete, each month we will recover and refund 100% of any errors or overcharges by your vendors without taking a share of these dollars.
  • We have the ability to verify things like landfill increases and how they should or should not affect your pricing. Our access to thousands of waste and recycling vendors allows us to identify variations in all cost components that affect your pricing, which gives us leverage in negotiating on your behalf.
  • We will work with your company to properly distinguish between things like reduced production and reduced waste handling costs so you will not pay for savings that is not a direct result of our specific work.
  • We will not implement anything other than what is defined as “durable” or lasting savings opportunities.