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How do we perform our work?

  • We gather various information including invoices from your waste and recycling vendors.
  • We review your current service contracts.
  • We perform on site survey/audits. This includes meeting with the people that handle the removal of waste from your building, documentation of equipment, documenting types of waste streams, pickup times, etc.
  • We analysis this information and provide recommendations for cost savings and present these to you for your approval.
  • We implement all approved recommendations.
  • We continue to monitor your account each month and provide detailed reports with our invoices

How long does our process take from start to completion? 
It depend on the client but typically the process takes 60 to 120 days.

How do we get paid?
We do not charge any upfront fees. We simply share the savings we obtain for you.
If we do not  obtain and savings we do not get paid.

Do you replace our waste/recycle service providers (trash pickup company)?
Typically we work with your current providers unless of course you ask us to do otherwise.

  • We are not a broker
  • We are not a waste hauler
  • We are not a recycling vendor

I have a term in my contract with my my waste company. Does this matter?
No as we work with these situations all the time. We have the expertise to work with your existing contract to modify or in some cases replace the agreement.

Why isn’t everyone using your services as everyone wants to save money?
Many larger companies have reduced their costs using a Solid Waste Management Consultant. Many parts of the country have more consultants than other areas. Massachusetts had a very small presence until Action Business Consultants started its operation.

There must be a catch?
There is no catch. We work on a performance basis. Obviously we understand the market conditions and know that 95% of the time we find substantial savings for our clients.

If you can find these savings certainly with some effort I can. Is this the case?
You could however it’s a fairly complex process. You would have to spend a lot of time doing research, analyzing markets, observing waste and recycle streams, observing and documenting pickup times, setting up reports, monitoring changes, etc. We are certified Waste Management Consultants and we dedicate 100%  of our time to Solid Waste Management.

How much can I expect to save?
Typically we save our clients between 25-50% of their current waste and recycling expenses. On limited occasions we obtain less. In very few situations are no savings obtained.

I go out to bid and really work vendors for the best prices. I must be getting good prices. 
Certainly this is good business practice. Unfortunately, the vendors set the market price. Our model is to look at your complete solid waste disposal plan and look for ways it could be arranged more efficiently to reap further savings beyond the lowest unit/bid price.

What is required to have Action Business Consultants start saving me money?

  • About 20 minutes of your time face to face.
  • Approve our standard service agreement.
  • Sign letter of Authorization.
  • If possible provide copies of invoices and service agreement from your vendors.